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That Lindsay Lohan Thing Ain’t Easy

Sure you may want your kid in Hollywood, crack habit and all, but that Lindsay Lohan thing ain’t that easy. Getting your spawn to perform on cue when that’s the last thing they want to do is painful. How do … Continue reading

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True Hollywood Story

Hollywood came a knockin’ on our door just the other day. Knocking…Literally…in the form of a beautiful TV star acquaintance we met in our neighborhood. Gorgeous starlet presented our handsome five-year-old son Jett with a seemingly golden ticket to stardom. … Continue reading

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Motherhood: Chew On This

We took our 5 year old son kayaking for the first time in Morro Bay and it was glorious. We sat still in our kayak and observed a sea otter up close. Suddenly, the sea otter turned around, showed us … Continue reading

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