Potty Training in a Day – Get Real!

Whoever says they can “potty train a child in a day” is full of shit. Literally.  I don’t care who claims what, it can’t be done, or at least let’s say it can’t be done without screwing up the kid and giving them a huge complex. Want to put a down payment on therapy now? Go ahead, give it a try…

The only way to potty train a kid in a day involves a roll of duct tape, a pint of super glue, and six gallons of water. Not a pretty picture, huh? Since I love my child, I decided I would go a more patient route. My route involved Spiderman underpants (in a few cases we even considered them disposable), a potty chart with stars, and our own personal potty cheer (choreography included!).

So, want my opinion? Of course you do. Don’t be so lazy, exercise a little patience and know it probably won’t happen in a day.  Here’s what I’ve learned about motherhood/parenthood so far –How people tell you it should work, and how it does work are two different worlds.

So save your money on those crap “how to potty train your kid in a day” manuals and buy yourself a good bottle of wine. You’ll need it. And your kid will appreciate a much more mellow you. And good luck with the potty training. Eventually, everyone catches on. May the force be with you.

May 9th, 2011 was...interesting, perhaps exhausting too...

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One Response to Potty Training in a Day – Get Real!

  1. Sharon A McCoy says:

    Wise advise. Also recommend bribes. My son was a sucker for those little Matchbox cars. Every time we made a deposit in the potty he was allowed to choose a car. Two deposits, two cars. I freaked out for so long about his wearing pull-ups, etc. Until, one day, it dawned on my. No man ever got married wearing diapers…well….Annie Nicole Smith might have had something to say about that. However, that’s a whole different kettle of beans!