Motherhood: Chew On This

We took our 5 year old son kayaking for the first time in Morro Bay and it was glorious. We sat still in our kayak and observed a sea otter up close. Suddenly, the sea otter turned around, showed us a tiny new baby pup she was holding and swam away. We all gasped with delight.

When we returned to shore our son spotted a stuffed sea otter in a store and asked if he could have it. “Yes, Yes, Yes!” I proclaimed still giddy with delight. We bought her, named her Lefty and took her home.

A few days later I overheard our son in his room “introducing” his new stuffed otter to his other stuffed animals. He had all his stuffed animals together on his bed and said “My Mommy is going to be the Mommy of all of us. And my Daddy is going to be the Daddy of all of us. Now, when you are hungry and want food, if you ask my Mommy and tell her you are hungry she will always give you food.” He paused,  then continued…”If you ask my Daddy for food and tell him you are hungry he may not always give it to you.  Sometimes he will tell you you should have eaten at dinner.” He leaned in close and then told his audience quite seriously, “Still, it is sometimes better to ask my Daddy for food first because when he cooks, it tastes better.”

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